1. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis all Restaurants’ and Bar floor-plans and seating arrangements are adjusted to be compliant with safe distancing guidelines and to ensure utmost hygiene and preventive measures are taken for the safety of guests and our team. Guests are encouraged to make prior reservations.

  2. Each arriving guest will be asked to wash his/her hands with soap at the provided handwash sink beside the restaurant entrance. An additional hand sanitizer is made available and is as well set up in various locations of our dining areas. Guests must wear mouth masks whilst entering the restaurant until seated for utmost resort internal- and self-protection. We will provide a free mouth mask for those who don’t wear one. Additionally, a fever temperature check will be a mandatory next step process before our hostess will seat the arriving guest. Any sick appearing or ongoing coughing person will be refused entry to protect others as a pre-cautionary measure. Every guest will have to wait at the restaurant entrance to be seated by the hostess or restaurant staff. Each table and bar counter will be desinfected after guests are leaving to ensure utmost safety & hygiene.

  3. Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort Management has taken pro-active steps by installing acrylic protection shields at our restaurant lounges and at our bar to ensure a 100% hygiene safety barrier is created between dining guests and passers-by at the adjacent pedestrian walk-way and in the restaurant space area itself.

  4. Thorough sanitizing will be assured with focus and attention to high-touch items such as salt & pepper and sugar sachets holders, promotion flyer stands and food & beverage menu cards as all are kept off dining tables whilst treated in a ultra-violet lighted cabinet and only served to new arrived guests at any respective table. Our food menus’ can be also uploaded from our Rosso Vivo Restaurant website for digital view.

  5. Dining table service and its set-up are modified to accommodate individual arrangements by the number of dining persons. Cutleries and desinfected place mats are set up only when new arriving guests will be seated. Our 100% cotton napkin will be replaced with paper napkins. Cutleries and chinaware are sterilized by using highest water temperature and anti-bacteria dishwashing soap in our full-automated dishwashing machine.

  6. All our prepared and plated foods will be serviced covered to guarantee highest hygiene & safety standards and drinks served in glasses are sealed of with wrap-film.

  7. Group size limitations may apply per table based on local ongoingly developing regulations and advice from regional authorities. Please contact our restaurant for more information.

  8. Our famous poolsite dining and themed food nights and live music entertainment may continue soonest when conditions and local authority regulations allow to do so.

  9. Our restaurant cashier offers contactless payment options!

  10. To strictly follow the COVID-19 precaution, awareness and preventive measures of safe distancing, hygiene and self-protection of guests and resort no Breakfast Buffet will be served anymore during the COVID-19 crisis! We instead provide a free-flow breakfast from our famous rich a la carte breakfast menu with many Western, Indonesian, Mediterranean, Asian and Health choices.