1. All our team is permanently using mouth masks and eye/face shields and are equipped with necessary personal protective equipments including hand gloves when deemed necessary.

  2. All our team is trained/re-trained on use and disposal of protective equipment, personal health and hygiene, and on enhanced sanitation standards according to our “New Normal” Health & Sanitation Protocol and SOP-Standard Operational Procedures.

  3. Our team practice safe physical distancing. Signage and markings are installed across our property as further reinforcement and as attention to obey new health & safety standards.

  4. Comprehensive familiarsation and trainings are held for our team, especially those in guest-facing roles, on COVID-19 specific safety and sanitation protocols developed in close cooperation with our sanitation partner ECOLAB.

  5. Enhanced cleaning and sanitation of all front of house, heart of house and back of house areas is permanently implemented by using a ISO-certified sanitizing partner and a specified Health & Sanitation Team who, in full protection gear, ensures permanent sanitizing, sterilization, anti-virus fumigation and decontamination is activated by using branded chemicals to protect our premises in line with WHO-World Health Organisation standards.

  6. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort Management has created a special task force by creating a designated fully protective geared “Health & Safety Team” who operates under the guidance of our Housekeeping department. The team is lead by a appointed Health & Safety Inspector by taggling the enourmous responsibilty and task in daily decontaminating and sanitizing the entire property, its front of the house, heart of the house and back of the house. Sophisticated technical equipments are used to steam- & wet-fumigate and sterilize all scheduled areas to minimize and narrow the chance of any possible virus build up.

  7. Daily operational briefings are conducted for our team in each department, especially those in guest-facing roles, wherein department heads and managers keep reminding on COVID-19 specific safety and sanitation protocols and how to ensure utmost diszipline by implementing rigorous control measures during a 24-hours routine duty schedule of staff.

  8. Mandatory temperature screenings are held for all our teams prior to entering the resort premises and individual departments. Anyone unwell or with flu and/or fever symptoms  above 37*Celsius Centigrade will be refused entry and are, where relevant, advised to visit the hospital and stay home for a two weeks cure and quarantine.