1. To comply with strictest health & safety regulations and applying highest hygiene measures on a sensitive subject such as pool water shared by many guests, we can assure that current chlorine treatment and its automatic activated backwash filter system is efficient to kill any possible bacterias and viruses instandly by water being continously and constantly flushed through the sophisticated pool water filter system and adding fresh water supply through its pumps in timed manner. Pool water is checked and tested by trained pool attendants every two hours and tested water results are published for review at the pool information board. Important information: No outside guest is allowed to swim in our pool.

  2. Each arriving guest will be asked to shower before using the pool and washing their body with soap before refreshing in the pool water. Our pool attendant will observe this strict regulation and will keep on reminding. Liquid soap dispensers are installed at male and female separating shower units beside the pool. We ask our guests to oblige for this important regulation and hygiene measure.

  3. Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort Management has taken pro-active steps by reducing our sun-lounges at the poolsite to comply with safe distancing guidelines. Pool towels are not anymore rolled-up on our sun-lounges to avoid a multiple person handling. The towels are displayed folded at our pool reception for self-service care.

  4. Thorough santizing will be assured with focus and attention to high-touch items such as pool hand rails, shower faucets and shower water knobs, sun-lounge matrezzes, poolsite lounge tables, pool toilets and toilet accessories.

  5. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis Kuta Seaview Boutique Resort Management has created a special task force by creating a designated fully protective geared “Health & Safety Team” who operates under the guidance of our Housekeeping department. The team is lead by a appointed Health Inspector by taggling the enourmous responsibilty and task in daily decontaminating and sanitizing the entire property, its front of the house, heart of the house and back of the house areas – this will include our pool area and spa too. Sophisticated technical equipments are used to steam- and wet-fumigate and sterilize all scheduled areas to minimize and narrow the chance of any possible virus and bacteria build up. We ask our guests for understanding if this measure may cause some inconvenience.

  6. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis the opening of our new gym has been delayed until regulations from authorities are eased to allow gyms to open. Specific health & safety standard regulations will be adapted due to its sensitive issues of dropping body fluids due to sweats.

  7. Kuta Seaview Boutique Resorts’ Rama Spa will also re-open its doors when local authorities allow to do so. Preparations for strict health & safety and hygiene regulations and measures will be implemented to ensure our guests and spa therapists safety.