1. All guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, sterilized, anti-virus steam-fumigated by using latest technology to fight COVID-19 and kept three (3) consecutive days unoccupied to ensure all decontamination processing is completed in highly sophisticated manner by using branded ISO-approved chemicals and desinfectant. Given a 72-hours time zone of unoccupancy after each check-out, ensures a ZERO virus survival guarantee or any viral threat. The room is sealed off-limits until the next check-in occupancy and a room sign note is placed on rooms external door handles for notifying new check-in guests that the room has been desinfected and sanitized.

  2. All rooms have direct window/balcony door access allowing efficient fresh air supply when needed. This will ensure that no air is being ‘stocked up’ inside a room but circulated and yet channeled through a in the air-condition unit installed anti-bacterial dust filter. This technical proficiency ensures no build up of any virus or bacteria. Increased frequency of cleaning and servicing all air condition units and its filters are scheduled with our engineering team.

  3. All rooms and bathrooms are cleaned and santized by a dedicated, professionally trained housekeeping team, wearing all necessary protective gears, mouth masks, eye shields, hand cloves and hygiene ‘in-room used only’ footwear to avoid barefoot walking and to elimante the chance of possible body fluid foot prints on floors from sweating feet. Proper colored dusters are used for cleaning respective equipments separately thus only branded ISO-approved chemicals and soaps are in use. All toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs and shower units are sanitized with a 100% germ & bacteria killing branded chemical soap to guarantee highest desinfection and ultimate hygiene is provided. “Desinfected & Safe” notice tags are placed beside respective products.

  4. Thorough santizing will be assured with focus and attention to high-touch items (light switches, door handles, hangers, remote controls, TV, alarm clocks…). Rigorous inspections are in action by a designated ‘Health & Safety Manager/Inspector’ and dedicated team.

  5. Limited in-stay room housekeeping services are provided under the ‘New Normal’ protocol to encourage as less as possible persons’ traffic in a occupied room. Housekeeping will not enter or clean the room whilsts guests are present ! However, our guests may decide if a room shall be cleaned by simply hanging the ‘Please make-up room’ tag on the external room door handle.

  6. All bath towels as well as pool towels, bed linens and duvet covers and pillows, bed runners and decoration cushions thus terrace lounge matrezze covers are laundered/anti-virus steam-fumigated after each check-out by our dedicated housekeeping team and with assistance of our ISO-certified laundry partner. Our sanitizing partner ECOLAB and our laundry partner TexCare are ISO-certified company’s using only branded desinfectants for sanitation and cleaning process.

  7. Due to the COVID-19 health relating problems all room keys are ultra-violet light treated to absolutely guarantee sanitized and germ-free room keys are handed to our guests.

  8. To strictly follow the COVID-19 precaution, awareness and preventive measures of safe distancing, hygiene and self-protection of guests and resort team no in-room dining (Room service) will be provided anymore for a longer period of time. Therefore, no restaurant menus’ are layed out anymore in all rooms. The rooms telephone extension for room service will be disconnected. In spite of that, our restaurant offers various food in ‘Take-Out’ containers with leading choice of our ‘Pizza Take-Out Concept’, all available at our Rosso Vivo Restaurant. No coffee and tea amenities are provided anymore and no hot water kettles, chinaware and cutlery are kept in the service cabinets nor do we fill mini bars with canned beverages and no snacks are made available. We ask for our guests understanding on this unfortunate situation. All these products however can be purchased at our restaurants’ newly created ultra-violet light treated ‘In-Room Beverage & Snack Corner’ until 11:00 pm. Further, no Breakfast Buffet will be served anymore during the COVID-19 crisis as preventive measures of safe distancing, hygiene and self-protection of guests and resort team ! We instead provide a free-flow breakfast from our famous rich a la carte breakfast menu with many Western, Indonesian, Mediterranean, Asian and Health choices.

  9. Due to the COVID-19 health relating problems we will ensure that all remote controlls of TV, video and air-conditioning and light switches are specifically sanitized after each check-out as these are one of the most handled and touched equipments by persons.